Sweeper Bucket

Sweeper with collection bucket is an easy solution to clean roads, quarries, waste dumps, industrial and port areas. The polypropylele brushes sweep the material where it collects in a wear-resistant steel bucket of good capacity.
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Product compatible with:

MSTNew HollandPallazaniTerexVenieriVolvoCaseCaterpillarFermecJCBJonh DeereKomats'u+
Model NºDiscs Capacity Sae (Lts.)* Weight (Kg)* A(mm) B(mm)
BV-200 44 x 560 500 510 2000 1500
BV-220 55 x 560 550 560 2200 1500
BV-240 61 x 560 600 596 2400 1500

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