High Dump Bucket

The hight dump bucket to backhoe loader is designed for loading loose materials. This attachment solves the problem of accumulatedd waste materials and is essential for loading, increasing the useful dumping height for your backhoe loader.The high dump bucket incorporates a singles cylinder, fitted vertically, to assist load collection
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New HollandPallazaniTerexVenieriVolvoCaseCaterpillarFermecJCBJonh DeereKomats'uMST+
Model Nº Cilynder Capacity Sae (Lts.)* Weight (Kg)* A(mm) B(mm) C(mm)
AB-150     1 1500 630 2400 1000 1100
AB-200     1 2000 875 2400 1160 1260
AB-250     1 2500 930 2400 1290 1330
AB-300     1 3000 1000 2400 1365 1500

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